1670379443 Scream your lungs out with new karaoke feature Apple Music

Scream your lungs out with new karaoke feature Apple Music

To add to the turmoil during the holidays, Apple is coming out with a delightful feature. Soon, scream your lungs out with Apple Music Sing.

The new functionality for the music streaming service was revealed through a press release this afternoon. It is an addition to the current ability to view lyrics to your favorite songs.

Karaoke is king with Apple Music Sing

Apple Music has been offering consumers song lyrics for some time now. Through a special button, it is possible not only to see what your favorite artist is singing about, but also to attempt to bring out your inner Elton John.

For some people, the functionality was enough to have a fun night of karaoke. Because let’s face it, Aunt Truus screams the original artist right out of the speakers with all the ease in the world. But overall, it’s not ideal for the true karaoke fan.

Apple Music, Karaoke, iPhone, iPad(Image: Apple)

Apple Music Sing was created for exactly this reason. Through this feature, existing subscribers can extract the artist’s voice from their favorite songs in order to shine themselves. This is done via a slider, so you can also just slide the artist down a bit, while the music keeps the same volume. Fair is fair: I have a beautiful Celine Dion in my house eager to show herself to the world.

When and where exactly available

It will be a long wait before the functionality is officially available. Apple did not give an exact date in this afternoon’s press release, but Apple Music Sing should be available by the end of this month. Unluckily just in time for the holidays.

Those who want to use the functionality need only turn on the lyrics to the songs in Apple Music. This can be done on the iPhone as well as the iPad and the new Apple TV 4K. To do so, within the playback window, press the small speech bubble with the quote signs in it.

By the way, curious which songs, artists and albums made the most noise within the streaming service last year? Then the article below is definitely of interest to you:

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