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Stealing is already not smart, but AirPods are better avoided altogether

Everyone knows that stealing is not allowed, yet it happens more often than we would like. AirPods are also popular among thieves, but whether it is so smart to steal these wireless Apple earphones….

This is because the AirPods are actually a kind of AirTags, which can be easily traced via the Find My Network. So also experienced an American woman who recently “lost” her wireless earphones on an airplane.

Thieves better avoid AirPods

CNN reports that the woman was getting off the plane carrying her from Tokyo to San Francisco when she found out she had forgotten her coat containing her AirPods. When she wanted to get back on the plane to get her coat, an employee stopped her. He said he would get her coat in a moment.

You guessed it, the woman got her coat back WITHOUT AirPods. However, she didn’t find that out until she was already en route on a flight to Seattle. When she used the Find My Network to track the location of her earbuds, the woman noticed that her earbuds were moving.

Find My 16x9Find My AirPods Max! (Image: Apple & Mark Hofman / Edit: OneMoreThing)

Tracking leads to staff member’s home

At first, her earpieces were still at the San Francisco airport, but moments later they disappeared to an address in San Mateo. When the woman contacted the airline, she was not helped. So she called the police and was offered help. This is how they ended up with an airport employee loading food onto the plane.

Eventually, the woman got her AirPods back, although they were no longer in a good condition. Eventually, in apology, she received a refund from the airline United to buy a new set of earbuds. Moreover, people with grabby hands are now warned that it might be best not to steal Apple’s earbuds.

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