Three old Apple products may be making a comeback

Three ‘old’ Apple products may be making a comeback

If the latest rumors are to be believed, three “old” Apple products will soon be making a well-deserved comeback on the market. The large HomePod, the 12-inch MacBook, and the iMac Pro all had to lose out earlier. But chances are, then, that those products will all return. But when?

The first version of the HomePod soon had to make room for the Apple HomePod mini. Since then, we’ve seen the large, smart speaker become something of a collector’s item on second-hand sales sites. But according to earlier reports from Bloomberg, a new large speaker is coming with an S8 chipset.

Apple products back on sale

In addition, we also saw rumors of a MacBook with a 12-inch screen size. That version of the laptop has not been made since 2019, but was so nice precisely because of its portability. Plus, despite the compact size, this could always be called a very complete laptop.

Apple iMac ProThe iMac Pro 2017 (Image: Apple)

Now that Apple is making its own processors, the compact MacBook could easily return. There are still people interested in small but fine laptops. Rumor-mongers report that this device should appear sometime in 2024, but things have been pretty quiet recently regarding the product.

And then there’s the iMac Pro

About a year and a half ago, Apple pulled the plug on the iMac Pro. At the time, the company felt that the 27-inch version of the iMac should be more than fine for the professional user. And then, if you wanted more, the manufacturer offered another product for that purpose: the Mac Pro.

The last version of the iMac Pro appeared in 2017 and has had no updates since. Bloomberg writes about this that the iMac Pro may return next year, completely redesigned with Apple processors on board. What all of this is true, we’ll find out. We won’t have to wait very long.

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