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What that drop on your Apple Watch actually means

Do you have an Apple Watch? Then you might sometimes see a drop appear on the screen. Then we are not talking about splash of rain, but the particular image. What exactly does it mean?

The Apple Watch is full of all kinds of icons. It has to be, because the screen is much smaller than a tablet or phone. But with so many icons, you sometimes lose your way. For example, what does that one drop mean? We explain it to you.

The drop on Apple Watch

It is, of course, every Apple Watch user’s nightmare: your smartwatch stops working. Besides dropping a device, it can also be broken by water. The former won’t happen often, because you wear it tightly on your wrist. With moisture, of course, that’s not the case.

So of course it is a bit of a shock when you see the icon with a drop. Yet you need not be very afraid, because although this drop has everything to do with water, it actually means something good.

This is because the Apple Watch has a unique feature: a so-called water lock. This is specifically designed to protect your smartwatch from water. When you enable this feature, no water will enter your device.

Why you can use your smartwatch just fine in water

And that’s just as well, because the Apple Watch is also just fine to use in the water. The Ultra is even suitable as a dive computer. But even the cheaper models can withstand a drop. So it is possible to measure your distance and calories when you swim.

Apple Watch Series 8 MediamarktThe 8 (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

The smartwatch is simply waterproof. It can even go up to 50 meters deep. Not that you’ll go that far during a day at the beach or swimming pool laps, but it’s just possible.

So if you go for a day of swimming, or running, don’t be afraid. The water lock temporarily locks your Apple Watch. Then when you get out of the water again, the remaining water is then blown out of the speaker.

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