1687512591 Worlds largest iPhone is a lot more impressive than you

World’s largest iPhone is a lot more impressive than you think

Some people have a special hobby. Some have a huge train layout in the attic, others rebuild an airplane cockpit in the shed. Although there will be particularly few people who have the same hobby as Matthew Beem. In fact, the famous YouTuber loves to build gigantic things, such as an iPhone.

That man and hobby can be a golden combination, a YouTuber from America has managed to make it clear. Of course, a big iPhone doesn’t seem to have much use, but Beem and his team do it impressively. Not only is the smartphone big, but it also performs extremely well in everyday life.

The largest iPhone in the world

The world’s largest iPhone is a lot taller than the 160.7 mm we’re used to so far (with the Pro Max). Matthew Beem gathered his team, sourced the materials, and collapsed a variant that is taller than two meters. Impressive an sich, but that may not be the most striking thing about the model.

In fact, the team manages to make the giant iPhone actually work. This makes it possible to make a payment via Apple Pay, check into a hotel, watch a video or even learn a language with Duolingo.

You can tell people that, but of course you can also show them. Besides the fact that Matthew Beem walks the streets of New York City to show all this, he also brings in the world’s greatest technology YouTuber. Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, approaches the new smartphone like any other and seems to be particularly impressed.

The video below shows how the project came about, how the big iPhone is holding up in New York City and exactly what MKBHD thinks of the device.

Matthew Beem has unusual projects

As mentioned above, Matthew Beem has a special hobby, or should we say job, because with 4.24 million subscribers on YouTube, you will no doubt make a nice penny. Although, of course, that doesn’t take away from the fun behind great projects.

Beem regularly builds large products. In the past, he went to work on the world’s biggest PlayStation 5, the world’s biggest pizza and even the world’s biggest computer. For the tech-savvy among us, the American’s channel is quite a delight.

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