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Are Apple’s own iPhone cables really better than cheap alternatives?

An iPhone charger from Apple is quite expensive. For the cable you quickly pay 25 euros, while there are also plenty of cheaper options. But do you really get value for money?

You’ve probably had to buy a new iPhone cable at some point because it got too old or wore out. Maybe even several times. Then it seems like chargers don’t actually last that long.

Consumer Reports did some interesting testing in late 2023. The company compared Apple’s iPhone charger with cheaper alternatives. From the study came two clear winners. And one was a real surprise.

These two chargers last the longest

Two tests were conducted: the bend test and the twist test. In the bend test, all cables were bent on one side until they failed. In the twist test, the cables were twisted while driving a makeup mirror with LED lights.

Following the results, the approximate lifespan of the chargers in years was calculated. In addition to Apple’s iPhone chargers, cheaper brands participated in the tests. Consider: Anker, Belkin, Amazon and Samsung.

iPhone charger test from Consumer ReportsTest results. (Image: Consumer Reports)

Consumer Reports found that Apple’s iPhone USB-C cable with Lightning lasted longer than alternatives. But there was one cable that managed to reach the same level: the Amazon Basics USB-C cable (which costs $7.49). Both chargers last about six years.

The other cables also came out well in the test. All the chargers that participated passed the one-and-a-half-year threshold.

So should you still go for an Apple iPhone charger?

You probably should. But that doesn’t mean you should weed out Apple’s cheaper iPhone charger alternatives. Ankers, Belkins and Amazon’s USB-C charger are good alternatives to consider.

There are also options you’re better off avoiding, according to Consumer Reports. These include: Amazon Basics USB-A to Lightning, Onns USB-A to Lightning, Samsung’s USB-A to USB-C and Bytech USB-A to USB-C.

So, if you prefer a cheaper charger, know that you have nothing to worry about. But also remember that Apple’s iPhone cables can take a lot and still really come out as the best in the test.

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