Does your smartphone have 5G or still 4G Heres how

Does your smartphone have 5G or still 4G? Here’s how to check it!

If you bought an iPhone, Samsung or other smartphone with 5G support, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re on this fast network. Any smartphone that mentions 5G in the product description may still be linked to a 4G network due to various reasons. You can find this out for yourself within a few clicks.

For example, one of the reasons you’re still on 4G is that you bought your smartphone when your carrier didn’t yet support 5G. You probably set your smartphone to 4G then, but didn’t switch later. It could also be that you live in a region where 5G is less well covered or you simply forgot to check. We explain how to do this on an iPhone and an Android smartphone.

How to check if your smartphone supports 5G

It’s actually very easy to check what network your smartphone has without having to go to your settings. Turn off your WiFi and look at the top right of your phone’s screen. Do you see a 4G or 5G icon? You can also look up your model on the manufacturer’s website and see if 5G is one of the options offered.

Check networkin the upper right corner you will find your network connection. (Image: Pexels)

This is what you need to know as an Iphone user

If your iPhone supports 5G, you can easily find this in the settings under the tab “mobile network”. This option can be found in the category “mobile data”. If you know which model iPhone you have, you will also already find out a lot about which network you have. Only Apple’s flagships, such as the 12 and 13 series, currently offer 5G support. This amounts to the major releases of the past two years. If your smartphone is not among them, chances are you only have 4G support.

This is how you check the network of an Android smartphone

With an Android smartphone, you’ll get a lot further if you know the model numbers. You can easily find this by googling your phone. You can also go into your settings. Android users can navigate to “network mode” in the “mobile networks” tab. Here you will find whether your smartphone supports only 4G or also 5G.

Network mode SamsungSee what network you have here. (Image: WANT)

Problems with 5G at airports

5G gives us access to games, social media and the internet in no time. While this is very nice for us, the super-fast network is also causing problems. Earlier this year, American airlines warned about consequences that 5G has for airports. In this article you can read how 5G is causing serious problems for airplanes.