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Everyone said the same thing when Steve Jobs announced the iPhone in 2007

Recently, images of Steve Jobs’ first iPhone announcement from 2007 are going viral again, and everyone is saying the same thing.

The very first iPhone feels like a super long time ago, and then it is. Nearly 20 years have passed since Steve Jobs announced the device, the iPhone 2G, in 2007. Meanwhile, we are already at the iPhone 15 and it is very different from the smartphone of that time.

Recently, footage of this announcement has once again been circulating around the Internet. Some people watch the video simply out of nostalgia, while others have a lot to say about it. The iPhone has certainly changed since 2007.

Steve Jobs’ first iPhone announcement

The announcement of the very first iPhone in 2007 happened in front of a live audience. In doing so, Steve Jobs also immediately gave a demonstration of what the device could do. It begins with Steve Jobs showing how to unlock the iPhone. You did this by simply swiping across the screen. It sounds simple, but this was revolutionary technology for the time.

Jobs says he wanted to come up with a way how you didn’t accidentally unlock the iPhone. Swiping was the solution for this. Furthermore, Jobs showed how to make videos, listen to music and many more things you can do with the iPhone. On the video made of the announcement, you can hear that people just can’t stay quiet about the revolutionary invention.

Contemporary reactions

The reactions from the demonstration in the video are still fodder for discussion. Everyone has an opinion on how people reacted back then and what they all thought was special about the first iPhone and Steve Jobs’ announcement and demonstration.

But fortunately, the reactions are largely positive. For example, the world back then is compared to the present. People talk about how much our technology has improved and that it has been a long ride since the announcement of the first iPhone.


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It’s always fun to look back on the past and see how much development has taken place since then, and that was certainly the case with this iPhone announcement. Looking back on the past automatically makes you a little more grateful for all that we have now. The development in technology is not to be missed.

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