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Get more out of your iPhone with these helpful tips and masterful apps

In 2007, Apple managed to change the world forever. With the introduction of the iPhone, the company ushered in the smartphone era. Today, the devices are still immensely popular, but do you know how to get the most out of them?

At WANT, we love the iPhone. We regularly seek out handy tips, cool apps and keep a close eye on developments around new models. Time to get all our stories straight.

Everything you want to know about the iPhone

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the iPhone. We’ve put together all of our stories surrounding Apple’s smartphone. Think of it as a collection of our best stories.

Below you won’t just find helpful tips or masterful apps. We also update you on the new model that will be released this summer and explain exactly what the new operating system has to offer. Enjoy!

Useful tips for your iPhone

There are countless ways to get more out of your iPhone. You can change certain settings, have commands executed or do certain searches you never heard of before.

At WANT, we try to bring you as many of these types of tips as we can. We look at our own experiences, but also regularly look for what experts have to say. As far as we are concerned, these are real must-knows:

Don’t make it too easy for thieves: quickly disable this feature
The iPhone feature that makes it easier to type with one hand
Useful tips for cleaning your smartphone
How to quickly retrieve a sent email on your iPhone
How you can still easily use your damaged screen
Why your smartphone should be turned off for a few minutes every night
Experts turn off two features to make their iPhone faster
Why it’s best to put your Apple smartphone face down
Apple’s hidden feature makes the lock button a whole lot smarter
How do you know if your battery needs replacing?

iPhone misses out on feature in iOS 17 that the Google Pixel has had for yearsUnfortunately. (Image: Thai Nguyen)

Magisterial apps for the Apple smartphone

Without apps, your iPhone is just a boring toy. That’s why we at WANT try to get as many cool apps from the App Store as possible and search for new gems every day.

As far as we’re concerned, the following are really worth checking out:

Revolutionary application enables AirDrop with Android smartphones
Losing weight is a breeze thanks to these 5 magisterial apps
4 pounding hits to streaming services if you’re totally fed up with Spotify
Apple Music throws classic music at your iPhone: 5 things you want to know
4 perfect apps for learning French or any other new language
ChatGPT is the perfect alternative to Siri (and here’s how to fix it)
7 apps every iPhone should have by default

Everything you want to know about the iPhone 15

It’s really still a while away, but the iPhone 15 is definitely coming. Apple’s next smartphone is likely to see the light of day in September. Reason enough for us to keep eyes and ears open in the corridors.

In fact, those who are paying close attention already secretly know a little bit about what the iPhone 15 has to offer us this summer. We list the stories we’ve written so far:

Will these be the new color options for your Apple smartphone?
Will Touch ID make its long-awaited comeback this summer after all?
What leaked cases teach us about the new iPhone 15 Pro (Max)
Much-discussed feature finally appears not to be coming after all
Are we officially saying goodbye to the SIM card in Europe?
Is the new design of the iPhone 15 actually worth it?
Why this leaked display gives us good hope for the future
What the iPhone 15 is likely to do differently from its predecessors
How the new smartphone impressively goes after the AirPods

Swappie and WANT give away refurbished iPhone because it matters.  Swappie (Image: Unsplash)

iOS 17: the next big update

In addition to a brand new iPhone, your Apple smartphone is also getting a new operating system this summer. iOS 17 is the next update you can expect.

As we are used to, such an update also comes with plenty of new features. Developers and beta testers have been able to get started for a while, so we know exactly what to expect:

iOS 17 misses out on feature that the Google Pixel has had for years
iOS 17 looks to officially be the end of passwords
Never lose your Apple Watch again starting this summer
7 features in iOS 17 that Apple copied from Android

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