PlayStation 5 has a special trick that gets you further

PlayStation 5 has a special trick that gets you further in your game

We all get completely stuck in a game from time to time, and we’re not just talking about difficult games like Elden Ring. Even the simplest game can cause a lot of frustration. Fortunately, there’s a trick for that on your PlayStation 5.

Being stuck in a game can be quite frustrating. Think of a boss you just can’t beat, or an item you can’t find anywhere. Ideally, you’d like to throw the game aside and move on to another game. But you don’t have to do that anymore on your PlayStation 5, because there’s a solution.

The ideal help for your PlayStation 5 game

One of the new features during the launch of the PlayStation 5 is the so-called Game Help. This feature actually does exactly what the name says: it helps you during the game if you are completely stuck. It is meant to help you get back on track.

Sony saw this problem from users during the development of the PlayStation 5. “Almost half of players are stuck in a game on a weekly basis, and more than half of those players encounter spoilers when looking for information. Others, in turn, spend too long searching,” the company says.

To counter all these problems, Game Help was developed. You no longer have to search the Internet for tips on exactly how to solve a puzzle. Sony is providing step-by-step help to PlayStation 5 owners.

The first tip if you’re stuck somewhere in a PlayStation 5 game is still a bit cryptic. The second tip also shows you a video, and the third and final tip shows the full solution. So that’s how you always get ahead.

How it works

Still, there are certain things to keep in mind if you want to use this tip on your PlayStation 5. Namely, this service is only available to PlayStation Plus members. Thus, you need Sony’s online subscription. Moreover, you also get free monthly games with it.

Got that done? Then it all works very simply. All you have to do when you’re stuck on the PlayStation 5 is press the button found in the center of your controller. If a game supports the feature, you’ll see a map appear in your menu. Click that and then select exactly where you’re stuck. Once you figure it out, click your PS5 button again and you’re back in the game.

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