1688550654 Apple gives you substantially more money for your old iPhone

Apple gives you substantially more money for your old iPhone

Do you have an old iPhone and want a new one? Then simply trade it in at Apple. You’ll get a discount on your new product. The company is now giving you even more money back.

A new iPhone is certainly not cheap. Nevertheless, if you still want to upgrade, you can ease the pain in your wallet a bit by trading in an older model. Perhaps now is the ideal time, since Apple has raised trade-in prices.

More money back for your iPhone

Apple regularly plays with the trade-in prices for the iPhone. You might think it’s only getting less, but now the opposite is true. Apple is raising trade-in prices and not a little bit too.

You now get more money back when you trade in one of the iPhone 13 models. The device with the biggest increase, is the 13 Pro Max. Before, you got a maximum of 650 euros in return for that, but now it’s 760 euros. For the 13 Pro, that’s now 680 euros, which was 575 euros before. The 13 is now at a maximum of 510 euros, which was 460 euros before. The mini increases by 40 euros to 410 euros as a maximum.

The iPhone 12 has somewhat smaller increases. Still, there is something striking there. Namely, you get less money back for the 12 mini. That used to be up to 280 euros, but that is now only a maximum of 270 euros. The price of the second-generation SE is also going down. There, with a trade-in price of 110 euros, you get 5 euros less.

The oldest phone you can trade in

What is interesting to note is that the trade-in price of the iPhone 7 has also gone up. This is the oldest phone at Apple that you can still trade in. At first you got 35 euros for it, but that is now 45 euros.

iPhone 7The iPhone 7. (Image: Pixabay)

Trading in a new iPhone is one way to still get money back for your old phone. Of course, you can also choose to sell your iPhone yourself through Marketplace, for example. You can also wait to trade in until the iPhone 15 comes out. This one will get at least two new colors, which you can read more about below.

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