Google Pixel 7 coming to the Netherlands 5 reasons why

Google Pixel 7 coming to the Netherlands: 5 reasons why we can’t wait

In all likelihood, the Google Pixel 7 will be released Oct. 6. But apart from the fact that the specs of the device will be better than those of the 6 and 6 Plus anyway, we are also looking forward to the exclusive features that the new Android devices have.

Granted, these Android features are also already available on the Google Pixel 6 series, but that doesn’t make us any less excited about the 7 series. In fact, it is the reason for many to wait for the 7, instead of, say, the Samsung Galaxy S23.

Full stripped down Android version on the Google Pixel

We can certainly call this a huge plus, but not necessarily exclusive. In fact, the Google Pixels run on a “stock version” of Android. In other words, a completely stripped-down base version. This has a huge advantage: the device remains lightning fast and is “clean. Competitors’ phones are in fact full of ‘bloatware’: junk that is of little or no use to you.

By the way, you can convert Android devices to ‘stock Android’ relatively easily yourself. You do need a little know how to do this and you run the risk of rendering your device unusable. So that’s at your own risk.

Of course, these features below are just built into the Pixels.

#1 Magic Eraser

This feature does exactly what it says: it magically removes objects or people from photos. It works easily and you are guaranteed to use it often. There are apps that offer a similar trick, but they are not as accurate as Eraser.

Magic Eraser Google PixelMaking everything and everyone disappear easily (Image: Google)

#2 Google Pixel adjusts skin color in photos

With Real Tone, the Pixel ensures that people with darker skin tones appear in photos in the right color. The feature was introduced with the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. The feature is on automatically so you don’t have to fiddle in your settings or turn on a special mode.

#3 Live Translate

Live Translate makes it easy to communicate with people in different languages. The feature is built into the Google OS by default and also works with third-party apps. For example, if you get a message in German in WhatsApp, you will immediately be shown the option to translate that text. Of course, that was already possible via Google Translate, but before that you had to keep switching to that app.

Google Pixel Live Translate

#4 Smart ‘voice typing’ on your Android

In case you don’t feel like typing chunks of text, you can use voice typing. Thanks to the power of Google’s Tensor chip (which the Pixel 7 series is expected to get a new version of), the artificial intelligence of the Android device is excellent. It is even possible to pronounce punctuation marks and emojis to be typed.

#5 Photos on your Google Pixel always sharp

Thanks to the Face Unblur feature, you will (almost) always have sharp photos. Your device uses the main camera and ultrawide for this. It knows when a person is moving too fast or when the exposure is insufficient. Then your Google Pixel combines the two photos to deliver a sharp image.

Google Pixel AndroidAlmost always razor-sharp photos (Image: Google)

Obviously, the above features have us incredibly looking forward to Google’s new Android device. And hopefully with the Google Pixel 7, we will be treated to even more exclusive delights to play with.

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