Google Pixel Fold users complain of snappy problems after first

Google Pixel Fold users complain of snappy problems after first day

After Samsung, Oppo and Huawei, it is Google that is now embracing the foldable phone. Since this week, it has been possible to pick up the Pixel Fold abroad. Fine, although certain users are already running into problems pretty quickly.

Google is a relative latecomer to the smartphone market. Where it first developed phones with other partners, it now makes entirely its own models. And despite its late entry, it is doing so very well. Consider, for example, the Pixel 7 Pro, which is a very fine device at a good price.

Google’s first foldable phone

Google hopes to do that same trick with the Pixel Fold. It is the company’s first foldable, following brands such as Samsung, Motorola and Oppo. The start of a new product category is one that does not always go smoothly. Does anyone remember the 2019 Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Although Samsung has now mastered the game well, the first generation was recalled rather quickly. Although the screen was the USP of the Android smartphone, it was exactly that part that didn’t last long. And the Google Pixel Fold now seems to run into that as well.

Problems with the Google Pixel Fold

A day after its launch, a number of complaints can be found. Technology journalist Ron Amadeo saw the screen of his Google Pixel Fold fail due to dirt between the screen protector and the screen edges. So after four days of celebration, his review model came to an end.

Complaints about the same part of the screen have also come in on Reddit. On the platform, a number of brand new owners report that there are dents there. The problems seem to be mostly related to screen protector, as another user also reports a faint scratch on that part.

Google Pixel Fold owners experience problems with screenCheese! (Image: Google)

Another then suffered from a pink line that appeared on the inside of the screen after only a few hours. This all seems to be under warranty, and so Google will just fix it.

Google therefore encourages anyone experiencing problems to contact customer service. The truly daring can try to fix their screen themselves, as Google is working with iFixit. This allows you to replace broken parts yourself. Something that is of course a very nice initiative, but something you hope not to need.

Ailment of foldable screens

By the way, Google Pixel owners are really not the only ones with problems with their screens. Even consumers with a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold or Z Flip, for example, sometimes still have problems. So you would do well to keep an eye on this if you have a folding device.

Unfortunately, the Google Pixel Fold is not yet available in the Netherlands. If you want the phone, you will have to go to Germany. Perhaps this one will come to our country later. Do you still want a Pixel? The 7 and 7 Pro are just available in our country, though.

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