1688291288 After Ted Lasso and Silo Apple TV has another giga

After Ted Lasso and Silo, Apple TV+ has another giga hit on its hands

It’s been a delightful year for Apple TV+. Where the streaming service previously managed to enjoy the continued success of Ted Lasso, it also recently came out with the successful Silo. Netflix is probably staring open-mouthed, because where the latter has yet to begin its latest episode, Apple is grabbing another gigahit.

Although the first two episodes have only been shown since last Wednesday, Hijack is without a doubt the hot topic of conversation in television land. Fans of the series can’t wait for new episodes and critics are incredibly praising it. What is the success of the series starring Idris Elba?

Netflix is watching: Apple TV+ grabs another hit

There are plenty of series that we can label as addictive. The most recent example of such a series is Hijack starring Idris Elba. The actor plays the role of Sam Nelson, a negotiator who becomes involved in a plane hijacking. The flight from Dubai to London takes seven hours, and Nelson goes all out to make it work.

May not sound very special, but the series is. In fact, the story takes place in real-time, just like the classic hit 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland. Each episode lasts 60 minutes, thus reflecting an hour on a plane. In theory it may be a long sit, but in practice a rock-solid success formula.

Viewers can’t get enough of it

So at the time of writing, there are two episodes of the series on Apple TV+. The average rating stands at 90%, with the audience giving the series a rating of 79%. While those numbers are already impressive, it is entirely interesting to look at the competition.

For example, Netflix is releasing the third season of The Witcher this week, HBO Max is coming out with the third season of Warrior and Amazon Prime Video is releasing a new season of Jack Ryan. So the fact that so many viewers are flocking to Apple TV+ is a win for the streaming service.

So if you are still looking for a delightful series and have played out Netflix for the time being? Then Hijack is without a doubt this week’s must-see.

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