iOS 16 finally makes iPhone battery percentage visible by default

iOS 16 finally makes iPhone battery percentage visible by default

It’s taken years, but Apple seems to be giving in with iOS 16 after all. Starting with the new operating system, iPhone users can finally see the percentage of their battery. By default. Without opening an additional window or performing an action.

This is made clear by several channels, including The Verge and YouTuber MKBHD, who have access to the fifth developer beta of iOS 16. One is positive, the other is probably not going to enable the functionality.

iPhone battery percentage visible thanks to iOS 16

Potbelly, that took us a beard. Until now, iPhone models with a notch have not (been) able to display the battery percentage. A standard functionality that could only be used if the control panel was opened. To be perfectly honest, not a huge disaster, but the lack of an option was annoying. In that respect, iOS 16 is a godsend.

Those who want to enable the functionality in iOS 16 will, of course, have to wait a while until it is rolled out. Should you have access to the fifth beta version of the iPhone software, you can follow the following actions:

On your iPhone, go to Settings
Select the Battery option
Check the Battery percentage option

All the functionality does is put a number in the battery symbol. That number is the percentage of battery your iPhone has left. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the World Open Doors Intrapelling Contest.

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But, we could already see him, right?

People with an iPhone SE or an Android smartphone may be thinking, ‘why is this a ‘big deal’? Surely the iPhone already had the ability to display the percentage?’

Yes, in the past it was. Normally, the battery percentage was to the left of the icon on the iPhone home screen. Until the iPhone X saw the light of day in 2017 and the notch was introduced. Then there was no more room for it and Apple decided to remove the percentage. Irritating, because there was a large portion of users who didn’t know how they ended up seeing the percentage.

With the arrival of the narrower notch in the iPhone 13, the hope was that Apple would change tack. Unfortunately, it stuck with the current way of doing things and once again the percentage could not be seen. So starting with iOS 16, the system coming out next month, that’s about to change.

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