Leaked iPhone 15 Pro screen gives good hope for the.webp

iPhone 15 Pro will look like this, according to leaked document

Another month of waiting, and then we will see exactly what the iPhone 15 Pro will look like. Still, we already have a good idea due to a leaked document.

The iPhone 15 Pro gets some hefty innovations with it. On the bottom is a USB-C port for the first time and inside is the first 3nm chip for the iPhone. Exactly what the device will look like seems to be revealed by a leaked document.


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Changes to the iPhone 15 Pro

The launch of the iPhone 15 seems only a month away, and so all sorts of rumors are popping up. Some are more reliable than others, but analyst Majin Bu is often right. This time, he has shared the blueprint of the iPhone 15 Pro.

In the analyst’s image, we can see the exact dimensions of the 15 Pro. In addition, it also shows some differences from the 14 Pro. For example, the action button is on it. An opening can also be seen at the bottom, although it is unclear in this drawing whether it is a USB-C port or the regular Lightning port. Still, it appears to be USB-C given the rumors.

This is how big the device will be

The depth of the iPhone 15 Pro appears to be slightly larger than last year. That of the 15 Pro is 8.24 mm, while last year it was 7.85 mm. In addition, the sides seem to be smoother, so that despite being slightly thicker, it fits more easily in your pocket.

The device’s camera also appears to be slightly wider than last year’s, but slightly shorter. The camera measures 38 mm by 37.5 mm.

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iPhone 15 Pro Schematics pic.twitter.com/xby6raXpj3

– Majin Bu (@MajinBuOfficial) August 8, 2023

Still, we won’t really know what the iPhone 15 Pro looks like until its launch, because reliable analysts get it wrong sometimes, too. For example, last year there were rumors of a flat screen on the Apple Watch Series 9 that ultimately turned out to be untrue.

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