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Are Android phones OnePlus and Oppo leaving the Netherlands? WANT asked them

Android fans hold on tight: Oppo and OnePlus are leaving the Netherlands. At least, that’s the news that reliable source Max Jambor suddenly slammed on Twitter. But is this actually the case? WANT editor-in-chief Mark Hofman asked the companies themselves.

It feels a little strange, but if Max Jambor is to be believed, OnePlus and Oppo are leaving Europe soon. The Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom are the first countries to face the departure. Fortunately for us, I don’t believe Jambor and the companies have reassuring news.

Are OnePlus and Oppo leaving the Netherlands?

Although we at WANT come across the craziest news on a weekly basis, I must honestly admit that I was a bit shocked this morning. Max Jambor, one of the reliable sources within the Android market, dropped a little bombshell. According to him, OnePlus and Oppo were getting ready to move out of Europe.

Funny, because both parties are actually doing quite well within our continent. Especially in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. That these are then exactly the countries where Oppo and OnePlus would leave first, as Jambor says, causes suspicion.

Especially now that not only have we been presented with the new OnePlus 11, but both parties also had a generous presence at Mobile World Congress early this month.

Twitter is not loading because you didn’t give permission.

I can confirm: OPPO and OnePlus are pulling out of Europe. First to leave are Germany, UK, France and Netherlands.

– Max Jambor (@MaxJmb) March 27, 2023

OnePlus and OPPO clear on situation

It creates such a lot of question marks that I approached our friends at both companies. From OnePlus, which is now part of Oppo, we get the following explanation:

“OPPO and OnePlus are committed to all existing European markets and the UK. We have had a great start in 2023 with the successful launches in Europe,” the statement reads.

OPPO and OnePlus committed to all existing European markets

“We have a lineup of products coming out later this year. As you have come to expect from Oppo and OnePlus, we are providing our users with the most innovative products and the best service we can offer.”

Clear language. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in America, for example, the statement comes out (in slightly different form).

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

“OnePlus will not exit from Europe and the UK and maintains stable operations in local markets. OnePlus will continue to invest in Europe and provide more innovative product and solutions for its users,” – OnePlus Global PR Manager James Paterson

Unclear what this means for Oppo https://t.co/P7vie9HFfT

– jon.porter (@JonPorty) March 27, 2023

Good for the Android market in the Netherlands

Although Jambor’s news is not leading, it was a bit of a shock this morning. Especially considering that without OnePlus and Oppo, the Android market in the Netherlands would become rather boring.

While Samsung is undoubtedly dominant in our country, Xiaomi follows closely behind the South Korean company. Oppo and OnePlus also play their part in an interesting battle, which Motorola and Nokia, for example, are also still part of.

Apple offers a simple offering with the iPhone, which ensures that consumer choice in iOS is not very large and the company can do what it wants (and when, mostly). A big contrast to the Android market, where players are constantly challenging each other to try new things.

Whether that always turns out well I leave in the middle, but I can assure you that we as consumers will be helped once OnePlus and Oppo stay in the game.

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