iPhone and Android close but these 5 things you only

iPhone and Android close, but these 5 things you only do with Apple

When choosing your next smartphone, the first question is invariably whether to buy an iPhone or an Android. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

However, the differences between the two manufacturers have been narrowing in recent years. They occasionally look at each other and adopt features from each other. Apple, for example, has added more user customizations to iOS. Android manufacturers, in turn, have implemented some delightful iPhone applications, including LumaFusion.

These 5 things you only have on an iPhone and not on Android

This certainly does not mean that the devices are identical. In fact, we could make a whole list for you full of features found only on an iPhone. We’ve listed our favorites for you.

#1 FaceTime

FaceTime’s flawless and easy integration with iOS is big plus to Apple’s unique calling app. One that Android is very jealous of.

Google generally has a problem with video calling apps. In fact, there are two options Android users can choose from: Google Meet and Google Duo. Both are just not popular and do not work optimally, so many users choose third-party options. For example, WhatsApp or Skype.

#2 Remove backgrounds from an image in one click

Recent iPhone models have powerful processors that allow them to work seamlessly with AI tools. That in itself is nothing unique. Android smartphones also have AI processing, for example with the Google Lens. What is unique to iPhone, however, is its amazing feature: Photo Cutout.

This feature appears when you press and hold your finger on a particular object on an image. Your iPhone then automatically cuts the object out of the photo, and you can share it with all your friends at lightning speed. It’s a quick way to remove the background from a photo, but it doesn’t always work cleanly. People and animals work best.

#3 iMessage

iMessage is a great messaging app, available to all iPhone users. Unlike SMS, this messaging service has end-to-end encryption, so third parties cannot read with you. Something Android is quite jealous of.

The app goes far beyond just chatting. For example, you can tag participants in group chats, send handwritten notes, share your location with friends and family, transfer amounts and play games.

#4 SharePlay

FaceTime lets you make calls with friends and family, but SharePlay allows you to play all kinds of media during these calls. For example, you can watch movies and series or listen to music together.

Apple users can start the clips while already engaged in a FaceTime call. This is then synced on the screens of everyone in the conversation. That way, they are watching the same content at the same time.

Shareplay Apple TVSharePlay also works with the Apple TV. (Image: Apple)

#5 Better security on an iPhone than an Android

iPhone users are generally a lesser target for hackers than Android users. In fact, new security updates on Android smartphones come at a fairly slow pace compared to Apple’s.

Thereby, the App Store is a lot more secure than the Play Store. Every app on the App Store is inspected for malware and security issues. Google’s Play Store also does this, but in a much less stringent way. As a result, security checks often fail and grim third-party apps still end up on the Play Store.

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