1687250388 Samsung finally brings much needed feature to Netherlands

Samsung finally brings much-needed feature to Netherlands

Samsung is finally bringing a much requested feature to Europe. We in the Netherlands can benefit from it too, and it will save you quite a bit of money.

Of course you hope your smartphone never gets damaged, but unfortunately an accident is in a small corner. Before you know it, your phone falls out of your pocket and there is a crack in the screen or a component fails. Something like that comes at a hefty cost, but fortunately Samsung now has a solution.

The ideal feature for Samsung owners

Samsung is bringing its Self Repair program to Europe. One of the handful of countries where the service is available is the Netherlands. The program was already available in the United States last year, so it is now being expanded.

With the Self Repair program, it is possible to repair various Samsung products yourself. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet, as repairing is significantly cheaper than buying a new device. Currently, the program is available for the Samsung Galaxy S20, S21 and S22, as well as the Galaxy Book Pro.

What is remarkable is that the parts are conveniently priced. So it can save you quite a bit of money to just repair your Samsung Galaxy S22 or Book Pro yourself. For example, a new screen and battery for the Galaxy S22 costs around 145 euros, and you pay 40 euros for a new USB C connector.

This is how to repair your phone or laptop

Interestingly, Samsung has not chosen iFixit as a partner for its repair kits, while in the United States it works with them. In Europe, it chooses Rexio Care. A kit to repair your phone costs 28 euros. That set includes a heating pad, a suction cup and a Philips PH000 screwdriver.

Samsung Galaxy S22 insideThe inside of the Samsung Galaxy S22. (Image: Samsung)

If you want to fix your own Samsung phone, the company has created several videos for you. You can find them on this page. They are just in Dutch and make repairing easy.

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