Why a VPN on your iPhone is anything but useful

Why a VPN on your iPhone is anything but useful

There are two big reasons why consumers choose a VPN. Number one is a greater selection of movies and series by using the offerings from other countries. Number two is very simple: more security on your iPhone.

As for the latter, according to blogger and independent computer consultant (as he nicely calls himself) Michael Horowitz, you are being ripped off. In fact, your iPhone has been dealing with a vulnerability since 2020 that makes it anything but safer for you.

‘iPhone with VPN is a scam’

Although a Virtual Private Network (also known as a VPN) is supposed to encrypt your data traffic, in practice this is not always the case. At least, not for consumers using an iPhone. In March 2020, the vulnerability was discovered by a VPN provider called ProtonVPN.

Normally, a VPN eliminates all current connections to the Internet and establishes new, secure, connections. You can see this on your iPhone, for example, by the VPN logo appearing briefly on the screen. This is an important feature, as it provides assurance that data cannot be leaked.

NordVPN VPN deal

The only problem though is that, since iOS 13.3.1, the existing connection is no longer eliminated. So despite your VPN, you are still working on your “insecure” connection.

No solution, therefore a danger

Since 2020, Apple has known about the problems iOS has with a VPN connection. However, the company has done nothing about it to date. Remarkable for a company that usually focuses on the privacy of its users. Especially now that, due to Michael Horowitz, it is becoming clear that data is actually being leaked.

Using several VPN providers on both an iPhone and an iPad, the conclusion can be drawn that the problem is serious. With each connection, not only were current connections kept intact, but a significant load of data was leaked.

Those who have taken out a VPN in order to make their Internet use safer are in for a real treat. You could almost call it a con. Your iPhone has a lot of functionalities that are useful to you as a consumer, but a VPN has not been one of them in the last two years. And from the Apple camp it remains silent…

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