3 new Philips Hue bulbs coming out this month

3 new Philips Hue bulbs coming out this month

A smart home often starts with smart lighting, and if you’re talking about bulbs, Philips Hue is one of the best choices. The brand is coming out with three new bulbs this month, which we list for you.

Philips Hue is almost impossible to imagine if you want to create more atmosphere in your home in a simple way. The bulbs work great together with the Home app on your iPhone, making them very easy to set up and control. The company regularly introduces new lamps, and now is no different.

The new bulbs from Philips Hue

But which bulbs can you order soon? And perhaps more importantly, how much do they cost? The details were leaked via the Spanish branch of Amazon (via HueBlog) and we list them.

#1 Philips Hue Luster

Let’s start with the product that will probably be the most popular: the Philips Hue Luster. True Hue fans know that this bulb is not entirely new; in fact, it has been on the market for several years as a white light source.

Soon you will be able to indulge yourself completely with a colored version of the lamp. Moreover, the white light version has been updated to include the latest technology.

For the version with white light only, you will pay €34.99 for one and €59.99 for two.

Philips Hue E14 LusterThe version with white light. (Image: HueBlog)

The colored version is, of course, a bit more expensive. One bulb will cost you €64.99 and two you have together for €109.99.

#2 Aurelle

Philips Hue Aurelle had been available with a white frame for a while, of course, but now a version with a black frame is also coming on the market. You can choose a round model (€169.99) or a square model (€179.99) with a diameter of 30 centimeters.

The 60-centimeter version of the square model costs €239.99. There is also a rectangular version of 60 by 120 centimeters for the same price.

#3 Philips Hue Surimo

If you want just a little bit more than the Aurelle, then you end up with Philips Hue Surimo. It’s basically the same concept, but with colored light instead of white light. Unlike the Aurelle, this lamp is only available with a white frame.

Philips Hue SurimoMore color in your life. (Image: HueBlog)

You can choose between a round and a square model with a diameter of 30 centimeters. For these, you will pay €239.99.

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