Apple TV gives you easier access to US content this

Apple TV gives you easier access to U.S. content this way

Apple will soon bring the ideal feature to the Apple TV: built-in VPN support. This will give you easier access to series and movies that are not available in the Netherlands.

VPN is a handy feature on a computer that allows you to safely browse the Internet and view content from other countries. Now Apple is bringing this feature to television.

VPN on your Apple TV

While it is already possible to bring VPN to your television, it is not very easy. You have to change your VPN settings to run through the modem. Apple now solves this problem by enabling VPN directly on the Apple TV, allowing you to stream all kinds of international content to your television.

Apple provides built-in support for the Apple TV, allowing VPN providers to offer their own app in the App Store. VPN then works just like on your phone. Open your provider’s app and select the desired location.

Apple offers this capability, but it’s up to the VPN providers to develop an app for the Apple TV so you can take advantage of this connection.

The big advantage

The arrival of VPN support to the Apple TV has a big advantage: you have many more options for streaming. This gives you a wider range of offerings on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ because you can also look in other countries’ catalogs.


What is VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure connection that protects your online privacy. It encrypts your Internet traffic and hides your IP address so that others cannot see what you are doing. It also allows you to securely connect to the Internet from different locations around the world

But VPN offers many more features. For example, you can access free streaming services that are not available in the Netherlands, such as FreeVee, Tubi and Sling Freestream. Learn more about them in this article.

More news for Apple TV in tvOS 17

Built-in VPN support is not the only new feature coming to tvOS 17. Apple has announced many more. For example, the device will support Dolby Vision 8.1 and you can also FaceTim through your TV.

If you use the new generation of HomePods as speakers for your television, Apple has built a handy feature into tvOS 17 that solves a common problem. With the new software, theater audio mode improves speech intelligibility in movies and series.

This is very nice because background music and sounds are often much louder these days, which can make it difficult to hear what is being said.

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