5 programs that make your photos perfect with AI

5 programs that make your photos perfect with AI

Why spend a lot of hours doing something that AI can take over from you super easily and quickly? Editing photos can be very time-consuming, but with these 5 programs, artificial intelligence does the hard work for you.

The latest AI tools are capable of a lot. There are several text-to-image programs that turn a few words into beautiful works of art. There are also numerous tools that effortlessly take your snapshots to the next level. For example, removing unwanted elements from a photo or removing blemishes from a face.

5 AI tools for great photos

Why make it difficult when it can be easy? These are the best programs that can perfect your photos through AI to perfection.

#1 Photoshop (Generative Fill)

Photoshop and photo editing go hand in hand, but thanks to Generative Fill, you no longer have to master all the tools and tricks yourself. Thanks to Generative Fill, you can remove objects in photos with great precision. Moreover, the AI adds new backgrounds or objects for you with childlike ease. By the way, there are many more tools to discover in Photoshop.

#2 Creating photos with Midjourney

Although Midjourney is used by many people to generate completely new images, this AI tool can also edit existing photos. You tell it through a prompt which way you want to change the image. Inpainting allows you to modify objects in the photo, while outpainting causes the image to expand.

Lighthouse generated by Photoshop AIPhotoshop AI does all the work for you, all you have to do is choose. (Image: Adobe)

#3 Luminar Neo

Skylum has released a very user-friendly AI tool with the program Luminar Neo. It is easier to use than Photoshop, but does have the features you probably use the most. Luminar Neo lets you quickly remove backgrounds, add bokeh effects and brighten dark photos.

#4 Canva

Canva is a very useful tool if you share a lot of photos on social media. The AI tool can come up with texts for posts, as well as take snapshots to the next level. Magic Edit, for example, lets you easily customize objects by drawing over them and entering a prompt.

#5 Lensa AI

Lensa (from Prisma) is much like a traditional photo editing program, but it also includes some AI applications. For example, you can adjust the sky or create Magic Avatars. You can also have AI selfies generated through the Lensa app based on a handful of photos of yourself.

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