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Amazon Prime Video follows Disney+ and Netflix and that’s bad news

Although the Netherlands is still being spared by Netflix and Disney+, the streaming services are already showing ads in several countries. Amazon Prime Video is now going to do the same, but in the Netherlands we will escape (again) for now.

Disney+ and Netflix have special subscriptions with ads. This means you pay less for the streaming service, but you do get to see advertisements regularly. Irritating if you ask me, because it’s one of the very reasons to get a subscription. Amazon now wants to do the same, but in a slightly different and nasty way.

Starting Jan. 29, ads will be seen on Amazon Prime Video in the United States. That applies to anyone with a subscription. If users don’t want to see them, they will have to pay an extra $2.99 a month. So it’s actually a price increase, because you won’t pay less if you opt for ads. That price remains the same.

In these countries, you’ll see ads with Amazon Prime Video

Amazon previously announced the price increase, but then said it would launch it last fall. So people who were hoping the company would have forgotten about it are out of luck. In a new blog post, the company announced that the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada will be the first to be affected. Later this year, users in France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Australia will also be affected.

The Netherlands is fortunately not mentioned yet, and there seems to be a reason for that. In our country, we pay less for Amazon Prime Video than in the above countries. This is because the company is still working on its brand awareness here, since it has not been operating here for so long. So it would like people to switch to Prime, since it also gives benefits for online orders.

Amazon Prime Video will have THE series for Fallout fans next yearYou can see the new Fallout series soon on Prime Video. (Image: Bethesda)

When will such subscriptions come to Netflix, Disney+ and the rest in the Netherlands?

By the way, Amazon has just implemented a price increase in the Netherlands. Instead of 2.99 euros per month, you now pay 4.99 euros per month for Amazon Prime Video.

In the Netherlands there is now only one streaming service where you see commercials: Videoland. By the way, this is only if you choose the cheaper subscription. So when Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video will follow is yet to be seen, but we probably won’t escape this either.

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