Apple drops brand new M3 MacBook Air and it can

Apple drops brand new M3 MacBook Air (and it can do this)

Through a press release, Apple has presented the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air. Here’s what to expect from the models.

Apple thought it was high time for a new version of the MacBook Air. At issue are the 13- and 15-inch versions. According to Apple, these are now “better than ever.”

The biggest improvement to the new MacBook Air models is the M3 chip. But of course, there is much more.

This is Apple’s new M3 MacBook Air

As mentioned, the two models run on Apple’s M3 chip. This makes them up to 60 percent faster than models with the M1 chip and even 13 times faster than the fastest MacBook Air with an Intel chip, according to Apple. Still, it’s not so bad when compared to the M2 MacBook Air. Here, the new model is 15 percent faster compared to the previous edition.

According to Apple, you will notice the speed of the new chip especially when you are working on heavier tasks such as photo and video editing and software development. In addition, the chip supports mesh shading and ray tracing. This gives you even more natural lighting and shadows.

Apple announces new 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air with M3 chip (Image: Apple)

What’s new is that Apple explicitly mentions AI in the press release. Something the company didn’t really do before this. According to the company, the laptop is fine for AI because the M3 chip’s Neural Engine is even faster and more efficient.

Much as ever

In terms of appearance, the new M3 MacBook Air looks exactly the same as its predecessor. The casing is aluminum and the screen, like the M2 version, is a Liquid Retina with a brightness of 500 nits. You can again choose from midnight, starlight, space gray and silver colors.

The M3 MacBook Air does have up to two times faster Wi-Fi than its predecessor. The camera is again just a bit sharper at 1080p. In addition, the battery lasts about 18 hours on a full charge.

The 13- and 15-inch MacBook Air are available for pre-order starting today and will be delivered and in stores starting March 8. The 13-inch is available starting at one thousand two hundred ninety-nine euros and the 15-inch will cost you at least one thousand five hundred ninety-nine euros.


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At the same time, Apple is lowering the price of the M2 13-inch MacBook Air. It now costs one thousand one hundred and ninety-nine euros.

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