1669946166 Belkin introduces easy solution to those gooey AirPods of yours

Belkin introduces easy solution to those gooey AirPods of yours

AirPods are earbuds that disappear into your ears. That means they also sometimes scoop up a hefty layer of dirt when you take them out again. That filth is not only gross, but it can also be disastrous to your audio experience. Yeah, have you ever thought about that? No, well, Belkin has.

Belkin is a popular manufacturer known for all kinds of accessories for Apple products. This time, the company is coming out with a handy Cleaning Kit for your AirPods. This is not just a collection of random stuff you use to clean your earbuds. It contains everything you need for cleaning.

Clean AirPods with Belkin Cleaning Kit

Belkin’s Cleaning Kit contains all kinds of stuff to clean the first, second and third generation AirPods. So in fact, it doesn’t matter which version you wear daily. Interestingly, the manufacturer does not list Pro models as compatible. Unfortunately, we don’t know why that is.

In the package you will find a cleaning brush, a wax polish of sorts, cleaning gel and a microfiber cloth. With these items, you can safely and neatly remove the collection of earwax. The goal: not only to get rid of the dirt, but also to restore audio performance to its former glory.

Earplugs do get dirty quickly

We can’t imagine you’ve never looked at your AirPods and thought, gad-damn. You may forget to clean your ears once, but it will show right back on your earbuds. That can happen to the best of us; we don’t judge. But if you see it then, clean it right away.

If you don’t do this for too long, that wax can get between certain parts of the AirPods and form an obstacle between the audio and the ear canal. Does your music sometimes suddenly sound muddy? Or are you missing some higher notes? Then you’d do well to give those things a good cleaning.

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