Fatbikes Super73 prove illegal this much fine you can get

Fatbikes Super73 prove illegal: this much fine you can get with the electric bikes

Anyone with a Super73 electric bike in their shed is probably breaking Dutch law. Although the brand sells premium bicycles and is big in our country, its app seems to really put illegal e-bikes on the road.

When it comes to the electric scooter or e-bike, most people don’t really let Dutch law stop them. So let’s put it in words we all understand: riding a Fatbike from Super73 can get you a fine of 1240 euros.

The annoying thing about the situation, however, is that Super73 doesn’t actually tell you about it. Fortunately for you and me, Dutch tech website Bright has done extensive research into the situation.

Super73 electric bikes secretly illegal

Although Super73’s electric bikes initially appear to be legal, including through approval from certain authorities, they are not. The official app makes sure of that, though, because that way the Fatbikes can be significantly boosted.

Super73-S2 electric bikeSuper73-S2 (Image: Super73)

Within that app, users can put their electric bike in four different positions:

Position 1 | up to 25 kilometers per hour (legal)
Setting 2 | up to 35 kilometers per hour (illegal)
Setting 3 | to 45 kilometers per hour (illegal)
Setting 4 | to 45 kilometers per hour with throttle (illegal)

Bright finds out that 5 of the 6 Fatbikes offered from Super73 support modes above 25 kilometers per hour.

hefty fine in the Netherlands

If that is the case, then such a vehicle is not allowed on the road as an (electric) bicycle, but the rules of a moped apply, as is the case with a so-called speed pedelec.

Electric bicycle Hot WheelsTight in the suit (Image: Super73)

So in case you use such vehicles in our country, you need a number of things to do so, such as a helmet, a yellow license plate and insurance. If you don’t have that, you can get hefty fines.

In the worst case scenario, the cost could look like this:

Driving without a license | 420 euros
No insurance | 450 euro
Driving without a helmet | 100 euro
No driving license | 270 euro
Total cost | 1240 euros

Super73 gives a little warning in its application about the higher stances, stating that the user is solely responsible for following local laws. But that, in addition to not being sufficient, is not the case at all.

So beware that if you get on one of Super73’s electric bikes, you are then riding an unapproved moped on the road. And that, given all the consequences that has, is never a good idea.

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