Google Chrome and Safari get formidable competitor on iPhone

Google Chrome and Safari get formidable competitor on iPhone

In addition to Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, a new browser is now coming to iPhone and Mac. One that may turn out to be a big surprise. Meet Arc.

A browser determines your entire Internet experience. Many people swear by Google Chrome, while Apple users often choose Safari on their iPhones and Macs. The latter group now has a new choice with Arc.

Arc is the new competitor to Google Chrome and Safari

Arc is created by The Browser Company, which has been working on it for some time. The browser, which is supposed to be a competitor to Safari, was in the beta phase for a long time. As a result, there was a waiting list for people who wanted to try the browser.

Now everyone can use Arc, as the makers have finally arrived at version 1.0. That means the browser is now really a full-fledged alternative to Google Chrome and Safari, and everyone can download it right away without waiting. At least, if you have an iPhone or Mac.

What’s special about Arc is that it takes a completely new approach to surfing the Internet. Not only do you visit websites, but the browser also gives you all kinds of tools. For example, you can very simply take notes, collaborate with others, and you can even give pages you visit a completely different look.

Still on iPhone and Mac only

Like Google Chrome, Arc runs on the Chromium engine. So you can, just as you are used to from Google’s browser, open tig tabs without sacrificing speed.

So far, Arc is only available for iPhone and Mac. Later, the Google Chrome and Safari competitor hopes to have a version for Windows ready as well. When it will be Android’s turn is still waiting. The Browser Company has not yet commented on that.

Want to use Arc instead of Google Chrome or Safari? Then you can download it from this link. In addition, Arc can also be found in the App Store. It is completely free.

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