iMovie and Final Cut Pro lose Cinematic videos thanks to

iMovie and Final Cut Pro lose Cinematic videos thanks to iOS 16

iOS 16 has been available for two weeks now. In that time, people have been introduced to new options, but also to new problems. Some problems were also quickly eliminated; others are a bit more persistent. For now, keep in mind that Final Cut Pro and iMovie do not work as well as before.

Users of the apps let this be known on both Reddit and Apple forums. These are people who are thus using iOS 16 and running into the same kind of problems. iMovie and Final Cut Pro are no longer able to open Cinematic videos when you shoot those videos on the new operating system.

Problems with iOS 16

Unfortunately, no one seems to know exactly how this came about. However, the problems do seem to be the same for everyone. When someone wants to open a Cinematic video within the aforementioned Mac applications, they get an error message. What’s also sour: Apple has not officially responded to the errors yet.

MacBook Pro13-inch Retina-Display (Image: Apple)

Therefore, no software update that fixes the problem is available for now. Users do suggest a temporary solution. You can edit Cinematic videos on your iPhone and then transfer them to your Mac via AirDrop. But that is far from ideal for everyone and thus the finest solution.

Waiting for updates

Whether the problem lies with iOS 16 or macOS Ventura is also unclear. Since Apple plans to release Ventura to the general public in October, chances are the company will only address this issue then as well. That’s an assumption, but we’ll have to make do with that for now.

Cinematic mode on iPhone was introduced on iPhone 13 and allows users to shoot videos with a bokeh effect. Using artificial intelligence and the smart cameras on the iPhone, the background can be blurred. As a result, the person or object in the foreground remains in focus.

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