iPhone game Andromeda Mysteries shows the true power of AI

iPhone game Andromeda Mysteries shows the true power of AI

AI is hot right now because of ChatGPT, but artificial intelligence, of course, has been around for some time. A new iPhone game uses AI to give you a unique gaming experience. Meet The Andromeda Mysteries.

Companies such as Google and Microsoft are heavily into AI. All want to develop their own chatbot like ChatGPT. Yet there is much more you can do with AI than building a chatbot. What about a game for your iPhone?

An iPhone game with AI

That’s what developer Cephalopod Studios has probably been thinking. The company has created The Andromeda Mysteries. A new game for the iPhone that uses AI. This gives each player a completely unique experience.

That’s because the AI itself develops characters and worlds for the game. This not only has the advantage of making each game unique. It also makes for smoother gameplay because everything is created while the game is in progress.

Of course, such a game does bring dangers. You don’t want to end up in an endless vicious cycle. Fortunately, The Andromeda Mysteries has an ending at some point. Moreover, the characters make sure that you also have a unique story in each game.

This is what you can expect from the game

It’s nice that The Andromeda Mysteries can do all this, but what exactly is the iPhone game about? It’s basically a murder mystery in a sci-fi setting.

The Andromeda Mysteries iPhone iPad AI game

The Andromeda Mysteries reminds you a bit of the good old days of adventure games. In fact, this game is primarily text-based. This text is supported by beautiful art-work on your iPhone or iPad.

The fact that games are now made by AI has its advantages and disadvantages. The big advantage is that smaller teams can make much larger games. The disadvantage, of course, is the lack of creativity. Of course, every gaming experience is unique, but to play something made with the unique mind of humans still remains special.

The Andromeda Mysteries is now available on iPhone and iPad. You download it from the App Store.

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