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iPhone provides you with photographic memory with futuristic app

We would all like to have a photographic memory, but unfortunately that is not for everyone. Fortunately, this iPhone app helps and totally cleans up your full Photos app as well.

We photograph almost everything in our lives. Not only the best moments like a vacation or a fun party, but also practical things like a price tag or contact information. Unfortunately, with all those images on your photo roll, you lose that information. Fortunately, there is an app on your iPhone that really helps and gives you a photographic memory through AI.

A photographic memory on your iPhone

You probably totally recognize that way too full photo roll. That’s why it’s enormously difficult to retrieve images. Often you also have all kinds of screenshots in between, for example an order number you have to remember or that nice shirt you saw in the webshop. Therefore, sometimes it really is a mess. NeuralBox creates order out of chaos.

NeuralBox is a special iPhone app where you can import images from your Photo app. Mainly useful when exporting screenshots and other images. This way you spare the photo roll of such images.

NeuralBox also recognizes different images. This allows it to collect images of the same subject together very easily. As a result, the iPhone app claims to work just like the human brain.

Easy search thanks to AI

The app for iPhone can read texts you photograph. So you can find information very easily by using the right keywords. In addition, it also helps you save space. From such images, you only need the information. Therefore, you really don’t need to save it in the highest quality. NeuralBox automatically adjusts this for you, so the images take up much less space.

This iPhone app gives you a photographic memory through AI The app on your iPhone

The app has both a free and a paid version. Needless to say, you can do a lot more with the latter. For example, the standard version is limited to 30 photos per month that you can create/upload, while that limit is not there with the paid version. Moreover, for that $5.99 per month subscription, you also get 50 GB of cloud storage and sync support.

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