It is now possible to play Tetris in Microsoft Excel

It is now possible to play Tetris in Microsoft Excel

If you’re tired of spreadsheets and charts, it might be time to redesign your Excel page. Apparently, Microsoft’s app can also make video games. A good example is Tetris.

Excel is an indispensable program. Even if you don’t need to use it for work. For example, it can also be useful for charting your finances or keeping track of other things.

But so the service is also there to entertain you with a game. Namely, you can play Tetris on Excel. It’s a great idea, but whether you can easily make it yourself remains to be seen.

Playing Tetris on Excel: is it really possible?

We have cutting-edge evidence of it. A Reddit user posted a video on the Microsoft subreddit. There she was really playing Tetris on Excel after all. The entire game is complete. There are buttons to move the cubes, a button to make them fall faster and a button to rotate them. It even keeps score for you.

Many Redditors are curious about how the user made Tetris in Excel. The only bad news is that the person who posted this video did not tell how she made it. Many Reddit users are speculating about how this is possible. And whether the video is real.

Playing TetrisThe old classic. (Image: Pexels/Cottonbro Studio)

Much more than just calculating formulas

It just goes to show how powerful Excel has become over the years. If you thought the service was only useful for solving formulas, now is a good time to rediscover it. Excel even recently got a program to detect errors in formulas.

In any case, we are very curious to see what Excel has to offer us in the future. In that meantime, we can rack our brains about the Tetris issue. Hopefully the Reddit user will soon show us how she conjured up the impressive game on Excel’s screen.

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