Olymic medalist turns electric bike into Tesla Cybertruck

Olymic medalist turns electric bike into Tesla Cybertruck

You can think what you want about the Tesla Cybertruck, but the design is sparking a great deal of creativity in others. An Olympic medalist transforms a trailer for an electric bike into something inspired by the electric car.

Jeremiah Brown is not only successful in converting electric bikes, he is also a successful athlete. In 2012, he was part of the Canadian rowing team that won a medal at the London Olympics.

Now he wants to make a success of his own designed trailer for an electric bike. It should be the ideal little cart to take along on a camping trip. And yes, that cart does look a bit like the Tesla Cybertruck.

The electric bike inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck

The trailer for the electric bike even has a motor. As a result, it doesn’t affect your power pedal too much and the range of your e-bike. On a full charge, it can last about 208 kilometers. It takes about eight hours to charge it.

There are also solar panels on the top of this electric bike trailer. This should extend the range during sunny weather. This also provides electricity to the inside of this Tesla Cybertruck look-a-like.

The trailer hangs from an electric cargo bike, which is great for storing your luggage. The two vehicles are connected by a special tube that ensures the two do not detach easily from each other. This should give a natural cycling feeling.

Safety has also been considered with this electric bike. Sensors notice when there is traffic behind you. You will then see a warning on your smartphone or bike computer mounted to the handlebars.

Not cheap

Because the design of this electric bike and trailer is based on the Tesla Cybertruck, the maker claims the vehicle is extra aerodynamic.

Want to take this electric bike and trailer on the road yourself? Then you must have a pretty full wallet. The model is still a prototype, but when it finally goes into production it will have a price around 8,999 Canadian dollars. That converts to about 6,136 euros.

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