Google warns of these 13 dangerous Android apps

Google warns of these 13 dangerous Android apps

Google regularly removes malicious apps from the Play Store. Just before the end of the year, 13 were removed. You may still have them on your Android phone. If so, remove them as soon as possible.

Every day hackers and other malicious people try to get you to download malicious apps. With these, they hope to break into your Android smartphone. When Google finds out, the company removes them immediately, but sometimes this is a long time later.

So you may have one of these apps installed on your Android smartphone. Therefore, you would do well to remove them immediately.

Android Apps with Malware in Google Play Store.

The apps in question were built with the Xamarin framework. In this, it was easy to hide malware. Custom encryption was even used by creators to keep it hidden. Fortunately, antivirus company McAfee found out and reported it to Google.

As mentioned, these apps contain malware. That is malicious software designed to invade computers or in this case Android phones. That could be viruses or spyware, for example. Your phone may function worse as a result and your data may be stolen.

Google Android 11 Oppo The famous robot!

A total of 13 apps with malicious software were discovered. By the way, these are not the largest programs. The most popular ones have been downloaded 100,000 times, while the smaller ones might hit 100. It doesn’t seem like much, but of course it is annoying if you are just the one who did.

These apps you should uninstall

The following apps should be removed from your phone immediately:

Essential Horoscope for Android
3D Skin Editor for PE Minecraft
Logo Maker Pro
Auto Click Repeater
Count Easy Calorie Calculator
Sound Volume Extender
Numerology: Personal Horoscope & Number Predictions
Step Keeper: Pedometer
Track Your Sleep
Sound Volume Booster
Astrological Navigator: Daily Horoscope & Tarot
Universal Calculator

As you can see, these are apps with fairly random names. So that shows that you have to stay extra alert.

You would therefore do well to first check who created the app and which others they have marketed.

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