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Spotify’s most talked-about feature moves to Apple Music monthly

Spotify Wrapped is without a doubt Spotify’s most talked about feature ever. Apple Music has had its own version for some time, but now comes with a monthly setup.

Replay is a view within Apple Music that shows you which artists, genres and songs you’ve listened to the most in the past year. So it’s Spotify Wrapped, but with the friends from Cupertino.

Only now the American company is coming up with a different interpretation and giving Apple Music users a similar overview every month. That might take a bit of the shine off, but at the same time it’s a lot of fun.

Apple Music Replay appears every month

Apple Music is going to give its streaming service the Spotify Wrapped treatment. Something it already did annually through Replay, but will now keep users updated throughout the year.

For example, each month subscribers will see how many minutes they listened to which songs, which artist made the month and which album is the absolute best. For Apple Music, this is a handy way to keep track of listening behavior; for you, it might be nice to discover new music (or do something about your addiction).

Most talked about Spotify feature moves to Apple Music (Image: Apple)

Apple Music has launched a website that shows all this data, once you log in with your Apple ID. It is possible to continue to see the past month’s data while you patiently wait for the next one.

If all that still isn’t enough, you can also always listen to a Replay Mix playlist. In it, logically, your most listened to and favorite songs pass by.

Spotify Wrapped

Although Replay has been around for years, of course, Apple Music’s feature remains culled from Spotify. The streaming service publishes its subscribers’ listening data every year and is expanding that as well.

This year, the streaming service introduced new features, so even more people felt compelled to share their data with the rest of the world.


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