Stranger Things with Spatial Audio Netflix snaps up Apple feature

Stranger Things with Spatial Audio: Netflix snaps up Apple feature

Netflix and Sennheiser are teaming up for a new feature designed to improve the audio experience of some productions. Indeed, the companies announced that some movies and series will now support spatial audio. Apple also supports that feature through its AirPods and Apple Music, for example.

Spatial audio should provide an immersive experience, Netflix said in a recently published blog. This applies to anyone watching the content with stereo speakers next to the TV or headphones on. As a user, you don’t have to incur any additional costs for this; if all goes well, you already have the right hardware.

Netflix supports spatial audio

According to Netflix, the spatial audio feature is compatible with “all devices and all subscriptions.” You don’t need speakers that support surround sound for this either, because a similar sound will come from your stereo speakers from now on. So even without a home cinema system, you now get a potentially better sound.

Initially, you will only encounter a limited selection of content that supports spatial audio on Netflix. If you search for the term “spatial audio” within the app or on the website, you’ll see the full selection. From there you’ll see The Witcher, Stranger Things, and The Adam Project among others.

Netflix The WitcherHenry Cavill as Geralt of (Image: Netflix)

This is so-called Ambeo 2-Channel Spatial Audio from Sennheiser. This is a technology based on Apple’s Spatial Audio. The audio manufacturer is now enabling similar technology on non-Apple devices. So Sennheiser is activating the technology, so to speak, on devices where it could not be done before.

Good alternative for many people

Should you do have an elaborate home cinema set at home and support things like Dolby Atmos, you’ll have pretty little use for this option. Is that a big problem? Not at all; Dolby Atmos and other immersive audio formats actually sound better. But then again, this is a positive development.

Not everyone can or wants to invest a lot in an expensive soundbar or complete system consisting of multiple speakers. But what many people are waiting for is a good audio experience. And the fact that it’s not even more expensive is the icing on the cake.

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