1652550624 These are the 5 ideal iPhone apps to start running

These are the 5 ideal iPhone apps to start running

Exercising has become easier than ever because of your phone or smartwatch. But which apps help you run now? We give you the answer.

Of course, we all need to exercise regularly to stay healthy. An easy sport to do is running. All you need is a pair of good running shoes to get comfortable with running. Still, you would like to keep track of your results. You can use your iPhone for that. But what are the best running apps for your iPhone and Apple Watch?

Running with your iPhone

Running apps are a good incentive to continue running. Being able to measure your progress gives you motivation to get even more out of yourself. Yet every app has something different. Some show you the ideal route while others give you crisp results. These are our five choices.

Nike Run Club

If you want to start running, then Nike Run Club might be the best option. This is not about results, but just having fun with the exercise itself. The app is packed with all kinds of challenges that allow you to win trophies. Moreover, the app also has a lot of tips and training videos to help you get started with running. Of course, in this you can also just easily see the results. For the real music lover while running, Spotify is also integrated.

Nike Run Club runningRunning with Nike. (Image: Nike)

5K Runner: Couch to 5K Trainer

An ideal app to start running. Get off the couch and put on your running shoes. By means of the training schedule you should be able to buy 5 kilometers out of the blue. Well, to be precise you need eight weeks. This way you can see exactly at what time you should run and when it’s time for a walking pace. You can also easily indicate when a workout is too easy or too difficult. So you can adjust the schedule to your liking. If you want to use all features, you need to subscribe.

5k RunnerFast, faster, fastest. (Image: App Store)


Runkeeper is one of the most downloaded running apps on the iPhone. The app is fairly basic and has an easy interface. You can see speed, distance and route at a glance while running. Moreover, you can also easily find running schedules. You can also easily connect it with other apps, such as those from Garmin and Fitbit. Still, there is a drawback. It’s not all very comprehensive. Experienced runners may prefer an app with more advanced options.

RunkeeperMaking progress easily. (Image: Runkeeper)

Running with Strava

Strava is probably the best known name in this list when we talk about running. In the basic version of the app, you see in a storage your results during a workout. So you see the time, altimeters, calories burned and your route. Still, you remain fairly limited with the standard version. Also, you can easily share information with your friends so you have an extra stick to go outside. In the premium version you can also set goals and get many more statistics.

Strava iPhone RunningStrava on the iPhone. (Image: Strava)

Zombies Run!

Would you rather have a game element during your running session. Then you can use Zombies, Run! Use. In this running app for your iPhone you will find more than 500 missions. This gives you a new story during each session. With your run miles you also get raw materials to build your own base in the game. This way you will stop every zombie and also get super fit.

Run Zombies runningRunning away from Zombies. (Image: Run Zombies)

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