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This is how insane many messages you sent on WhatsApp in the last 15 years

Feel old: WhatsApp has been around for 15 years. The messaging service came into our lives in 2009 and has taken over digital life, almost, completely. But exactly how many messages did you send during that time?

The fun, and at the same time painful, thing about Spotify Wrapped is that you get to see in a handy overview exactly how much you’ve listened to in recent times and what music that was. A handy overview of playlists, artists, genres and songs.

WhatsApp is not so bombastic with its data, but it does have a way for you to see how many messages you have sent and received in the meantime. Painful: there are too few people I answer nicely.

Spotify Wrapped, but for WhatsApp

We WhatsAppen what off with all of us. That’s not something I think, that’s something I know. Not through data that can be found online, but through information that the app itself shows. Not only in myself, but also in my colleagues.

Within the settings of the messaging service for Android and iOS, it is possible to see how many messages you have received and sent. This data can be found within Settings -> Storage and data -> Data usage.

WhatsAppMore chatting. (Image: Unsplash)

In addition to the number of messages sent and received, for example, you can also see how many bytes of media you’ve already sent and received and how much time you’ve spent on the phone.

I’m opening up. This is the damage with me:

Sent messages: 208,441
Received messages: 316,226
Media sent in chats: 4.32 GB
Media received in chats: 10.59 GB
Outgoing calls: 1167
Incoming calls: 620
Total time calls: 7 days and 4 hours

Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music and lists

Somehow we all go particularly well on these kinds of lists. The popularity of Spotify Wrapped, for example, shows that. Every year, around December, the Instagram stories with the statistics fly around your ears.


Spotify Wrapped, but just the whole year 😍 #sporify #spotifywrapped #wrapped #apps #iphone #ios #android #techtok

♬ original sound – WANT

Apple Music, with its own Replay feature, already plays cleverly to this every year, but starting this year, it is doing even better. The streaming service, and also major counterpart to Spotify, will start sharing data with listeners every month from now on.

Wondering exactly how that works? You check it out below:

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