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Pricey PlayStation 6 not next console from Sony

The end of the PlayStation 5 and the arrival of the PlayStation 6 are all closer than we thought. Yet the new, pricey console is not Sony’s next launch.

While some enthusiasts have only just managed to get their hands on the console, Sony is letting investors know that the console is already starting to head toward the end of its life cycle. So the anticipation for the PlayStation 6 can begin.

Although many people do seem to take that the wrong way, because it’s not as if Sony will be coming out with the PS6 as soon as next week. The pricey console will be the successor to another launch late this year, if the latest rumors are to be believed.

Pricey PlayStation 6 is not the next Sony console

Yes, the PlayStation 6 is a lot closer than we think, and yes, the console could get quite pricey. Kepler, a reliable insider, reveals on X that Sony’s new console is running into higher hardware costs, which means the console could end up being a lot more expensive than the current model.

It’s hard to say, though, because the console won’t appear until 2026 and the cost of certain components may be different by then. In that respect, we can worry more about the next console Sony releases.

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Cost per transistor has remained flat through FinFETs and will go up with GAAFETs/CFETs.

The days of free cost savings with die shrinks is over and things will only get worse.

Future consoles will either have increasingly smaller performance gains or significantly higher prices https://t.co/4UZSOzy4sh

– Kepler (@Kepler_L2) February 14, 2024

CNBC reports that the much talked about PlayStation 5 Pro is in fact still going to make its appearance. In fact, the Pro version of the PS5 will reportedly hit the market by the end of this year. Obviously in preparation for the arrival of Grand Theft Auto 6.

One of the biggest launches in the history of gaming makes Sony really want to prepare, according to CNBC sources. Through the launch of a better and more powerful console, it hopes to attract more people to the platform.

A tradition remains intact

It’s kind of necessary, because Sony has already had to adjust its expectations surrounding the PlayStation 5. Where it had expected to sell 25 million units, that expectation (this fiscal year) is now at 21 million units.

The launch of a more powerful and newer console could well help Sony. That concept is not new, but it has since proven effective. In 2016, for example, Sony launched the PlayStation 4 Pro.

PlayStation 4PlayStation 4 Pro (Source: Sony)

Gigantic sales figures did not accompany it, but for every five consoles sold, a Pro model was sold.

So the fact that Microsoft came out with an Xbox One X in 2017 and Nintendo has released both the Lite and OLED models since 2019 is anything but crazy.

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