Those with soundbars are not waiting for this Samsung smart

Those with soundbars are not waiting for this Samsung smart TV update

If you bought a Samsung smart TV in 2023, you can probably update it. Still, people with a Samsung soundbar might want to wait a while longer.

Samsung has released a new firmware update for its 2023 QLED, OLED and Neo QLED smart TVs. It includes both UI and performance improvements.

Despite those improvements, not everything is running smoothly. Samsung soundbar owners are complaining that the update is causing problems. What exactly is going on?

Your Samsung smart TV gets a fine update

For several Samsung smart TVs coming from the year 2023, the update is now available. To be precise, it is version 1402.5.

Besides the superficial improvements, there are also some fixes that are deeper. These include improved colors, stronger gaming mode, improved stability and better protection for apps.

Samsung takes your smart TV to the next level with this update (Image: Samsung)

Internet connectivity has also been optimized. The same goes for Adaptive Sound and self-diagnostics. Settings are easier to access, work faster and look more modern on Samsung smart TVs.

Users with a soundbar want to watch out

Welcome improvements all, but it’s smarter for people with a soundbar to hold off on the update for a while.

Although an error message for soundbars has been fixed, the update actually seems to have added more problems for people who have one from Samsung under their TV.


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Several Reddit users with a Samsung soundbar are complaining that random glitches have appeared since they installed the update on their Samsung smart TV. For example, the sound sometimes drops out. Remarkably, TV owners who have a soundbar from another brand are actually having no problems.

Do you want to update? Then this usually happens automatically after a while. Do you have that feature turned off, or just want it on your smart TV faster? Then press Menu/Home and go to Support > Software Update. There you will find the update status and can install it manually, or turn automatic installation on or off.

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