Viaplay will work even better with Formula 1 in the

Viaplay will work even better with Formula 1 in the Netherlands

Viaplay currently owns the rights to Formula 1, and will continue to do so through 2024. However, changes are planned. This will allow you to follow Max Verstappen even better.

Since Viaplay has the rights for Formula 1, many Dutch people are not happy. They used to be able to watch the races for free because they had a subscription with Ziggo. There have also been regular comments on the picture quality and commentary. Fortunately, there is still the option for them to switch to F1 TV Pro.

Viaplay and Formula 1 will collaborate

Viaplay and Formula 1 have entered into a strategic partnership. As a result, customers of the streaming service will get free access to F1 TV Pro.

With F1 TV Pro, viewers have even more options. The Formula One streaming service offers special programs focused on motorsports in addition to races, qualifying and free practice sessions. Also, during a race it is possible to watch on board with each driver and various real-time statistics are available.

Do you have an F1 TV Pro subscription? Then nothing will change at all. You can still watch all content through the app and the website. Also, you don’t have to subscribe to Viaplay to watch the races in 2024. F1 TV Pro will simply remain available as a standalone service.

The big advantage of F1 TV Pro is that the service is much cheaper than Viaplay. For Viaplay, you pay 15.99 euros per month, while F1 TV Pro costs 7.99 euros per month.

Viaplay loses Formula 1 rights to this partyFor many people, a reason for celebration. (Image: ANP/Sem van der Wal)

What will change in the future?

What things will look like from 2025, however, is the question. Formula One rights will be released that year. Although Viaplay has had to make significant cuts, they would like to bid for the rights again with the help of an investor, according to sports marketer Chris Woerts.

According to the marketer, however, they will face stiff competition from Ziggo Sports, which is all too eager to have the rights back. In that case, it is also likely that Olav Mol and Jack Plooij will again provide the commentary. The two are now missed by one group as commentators. Fortunately for them, they can still be heard on Grand Prix Radio.

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