YouTube fed up with adblockers and punishes users in devious

YouTube fed up with adblockers and punishes users in devious ways

An adblocker seems like an ideal weapon against an abundance of ads on YouTube. Yet it might be better to stop doing so now. Indeed, the video platform is taking steps to make using an adblocker as attractive as possible.

You’ve probably noticed it on YouTube. If you don’t use an adblocker, the ads pop up like mushrooms. If you want to watch a three- or five-minute video, you first see a (half) minute of ads. As a result, you almost don’t feel like watching anymore.

Many users therefore choose to use an adblocker on YouTube. Smart, you might say, but parent company Google realizes this like no other. No ads means no revenue for the company, and so it opens the attack on the adblocker.

Just turn off your adblocker on YouTube

Indeed, it might be better to turn off your adblocker on YouTube. 9to5Google reports that the platform is going to slow down adblock users, or as Google calls it, give them a suboptimal viewing experience.

You’ll notice this on YouTube in several ways. First, you get a pop-up when you use an adblocker. In addition, the company has now come up with more subtle ways. It slows down the site if the platform notices you’re blocking ads.

YouTube gives you big disadvantage if you use an adblockerAn earlier measure by Google. (Image: YouTube)

YouTube tested the feature back in November, but then the platform discontinued it. Now the “suboptimal experience” for those with an adblocker seems to be back.

YouTube seems to build in a five-second delay when you use an adblocker. OK, that’s irritating, but still less bad than watching an ad for half a minute to a minute.

Premium the ideal solution?

With that delay, YouTube hopes to get you to turn off your adblocker. Or even better for the company: get you to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

With the latter service, you pay $11.99 a month. Besides not showing you any more ads, it has other advantages. For example, some videos are available in better quality and it is possible to download videos. In addition, you also have access to YouTube Music. What else you can do with a subscription, my colleague Sam tells you in the article below.

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