Hell Let Loose is the hardest FPS currently on gamepass

Hell Let Loose is the hardest FPS now on Xbox Game Pass

This FPS is brand new on Xbox Game Pass, but beware: it’s the hardest shooter the service currently has to offer. Fortunately, we’ll help you get started with Hell Let Loose.

Xbox Game Pass is the perfect way to try out some new games. And Xbox wanted to get the year off to a good start. In fact, in the first few weeks of January, a number of fat games have been added. And one of them is harder than you might think.

I’m not talking about Assasin’s Creed Valhalla, We Happy Few or even Resident Evil 2. No this First Person Shooter is nasty tough. Even players who are very confident in their Call of Duty skills will have a hard time with Hell Let Loose.

Hyperrealistic warfare

Those booting up Hell Let Loose for the first time may not think much of it. It looks like your typical WW2 shooter. Albeit with missing HUD and very large player numbers per game.

But soon enough you start to see what makes it so difficult. Or even: sometimes you don’t see it at all! After all, in the game you die incredibly quickly. Add to that the fact that you have no HUD or minimap to help you on your way and often you get shot without having any idea where the enemy was now.

Hell Let Loose is the hardest FPS currently on gamepass (image: Team 17)

Then a respawn timer of at least 15 seconds begins, which sometimes seems to last forever. If you are unlucky, the enemies have also blown up your spawn point and you can walk back from the starting point of the map. Don’t stress, you’re probably not the first to exit the game in anger.

Communication is key

Okay, as we explain it now Hell let Loose sounds very demoralizing. But it really is a wonderful game, once you get the hang of it. Moreover, the game is loved by World War II fans. This is because real aerial images and photos from the battle in question were used to create each map.

But how do you make sure you have to look at that respawn timer as little as possible? Like the maps, the gameplay is also very realistic: everything revolves around communication. So a microphone is actually a requirement for the game. And believe me, without communication, a game is actually already lost.

In Hell Let Loose, you have to work well together (image: Team 17)

You are, in fact, in a squad. Each squad member has their own class, from medic to anti-tank or machine gunner. Squad members can talk to each other no matter how far apart they are in the game. Each squad has a leader, who can also communicate with other squad leaders. At the very top of the pecking order is the commander: he can talk to all squadleaders as well as support the army by calling in airstrikes, for example.

A well-cooperating team will waltz over the enemy in no time. So there is a lot of tactics involved. It’s a bit challenging at times, but the pots where it succeeded are the coolest FPS experiences I’ve ever had.

Running from trench to trench, while the commander bombarded with artillery the bunkers we were running toward. Then to hear my squad leader counting down until we should throw a smokegrenade and run up the hill where the capture point is. And yes, that was as cool as it sounds.

Communication is key in Hell Let Loose (image: Team 17)

These tips are essential

As you may have noticed, Hell Let Loose can be very tricky to get into. Especially since you have to take a lot of things into account. And that’s not just dodging the bullets.

The game is all about communication, tactics and being careful with your resources. For example, as a support construction, you can lay down building materials to build bunkers.

We heartily recommend studying the tutorial extensively. Furthermore, we have collected these tips for you:

Don’t play it like Call of Duty

If you want to run around and mow down enemies, Hell Let Loose is where you’re really wrong. Prioritize working together and never try to run at enemies on your own.

Choosing a class for weapons only

Every class has its own loadout. And as cool as it is to bang around with the machinegun, sometimes it makes more sense to choose another class. It all depends on what kind of situation you’re in and what your teammates are up to. Dozens of enemies come running across an open field? Then that machine gun is your best friend. A patch of dense forest where a tank is hiding? Then you better grab the anti-tank class.

Choose your class well in Hell let Loose. (image: Team 17)

Shooting at random

Once you run out of bullets, you’re out of bad luck. And unlike less realistic shooters, where your character often carries inhuman pounds of bullets, your ammunition in Hell Let Loose is limited.

Not helping build spawnpoint

In Hell Let Loose, the only guaranteed spawn point is your home base: at the very beginning of the map. Spawn points must be built to make sure you don’t have to walk that pockmarked end all the way back again. Help your squad leader and place supplies to build these points.

Give it time

Now this game does have a hefty learning curve, but it is well worth it. Be sure to check out Discord. There you will find plenty of servers where people communicate well with each other or want to help you get started.

Is Hell Let Loose not quite your game after all? There are plenty of other cool shooters on Xbox Game Pass. We thought this one was worth a look:

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