Bitcoin to Dogecoin the 10 most popular crypto of September

Bitcoin to Dogecoin: the 10 most popular crypto of September 2022

If you are entering the world of Crypto for the first time, you will probably not see the wood for the trees. This is logical, because there are countless digital coins that you can invest in. From Bitcoin to Terra: they are all ready for you. But which one should you have?

It’s no longer a secret: 2022 seems to be moving even faster than the past few years already did. We have now arrived at the ninth month of the year and thus the ninth time to write such an article. Which crypto are the most popular this month? For that answer, we look not only at the value of the coins, but also at the market capitalization.

10 Most Popular Crypto September 2022

It should be clear: in September 2022 you can again easily invest in numerous crypto currencies. Although you should ask yourself what exactly is the right thing to do when you’re just starting out. Should you bet on the little guys or is it better to go for a bit of security by betting on the established names?

Those who want to run the least risk simply bet on the most popular Crypto. Think of names like Bitcoin, the Binance Coin or Ethereum. This will not change the game, but at least gives you a little more security than the little guys. It’s handy not to immediately empty your entire savings account, but at least you play a little safer.

Bitcoin crypto cryptocoins cryptocurrencyCrypto (Image: Pexels / Karolina Grabowska)

So what are these popular coins? I list the ten most popular ones of June 2022 for you:

Bitcoin | BTC
Ethereum | ETH
Tether | USDT
U.S. Dollar Coin | USDC
Binance Coin | BNB
Binance USD | BUSD
Cardano | ADA
Solana | SOL
Dogecoin | DOGE

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