Crypto celebs see billions evaporate by crash A bizarre overview

Crypto celebs see billion(s) evaporate by crash. A bizarre overview

If you follow our Bitcoin and crypto updates you know that Bitcoin and crypto prices are currently crashing hard. This leads to big and small losses. Crypto celebs are losing billions. In this bizarre overview we list how many billion the most famous names in crypto lost due to the crypto crash.

The Bitcoin price and prices of crypto from the top 25 are currently crashing hard. On the site of you can see the dramatic results of the top 25 crypto. In such a crash, many investors lose a fortune. The biggest investors lose the most in the process. We see this when we list the biggest losses of crypto celebrities. See.

Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong, – 5.8 billion

Crypto exchange Coinbase is publicly traded. So Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong has a good deal of stock in the exchange in addition to his crypto investments. At the end of March, this crypto celeb was still worth about $8 billion. Due to the crypto crash and impact on the price of Coinbase shares, there is now about $2.2 billion left of this.

Michael Novogratz – CEO Galaxy Digital – sees billions evaporate

Michael Novogratz owns Galaxy Digital, a merchant bank for crypto currencies. He is also very active with Bitcoin and a big supporter of the now totally imploded Terra Luna. In November last year, he accounted for $8.5 billion. Now about $2.5 billion of that is left. It’s almost impossible to fathom, but this means that this man has since seen $6 billion, more than a billion a month, evaporate due to the crypto crash.

Boss over boss: Changpen Zhao (CZ) – CEO Binance- sees over 84 billion evaporate

The biggest blow is to the founder and CEO of another crypto exchange. CEO of Binance, Changpen Zhao (called CZ for short) was still in the Bloomberg Wealth Index in January this year with $96 billion in assets. Currently, there is “only” $11.6 billion left in the bank. Now you might say we shouldn’t feel sorry for that, but the astronomical loss must have hurt.

Winklevoss brothers – CEO Gemini Exchange – billions each in losses

The Winklevoss brothers, made famous by Facebook, are also seeing their wealth evaporate like snow in the sun. They each lost $2.2 billion or 40% of their assets this year.

Sam Bankman-Fried – CEO crypto exchange FTX: lost 50% assets.

This man also lost billions. As of the end of March, only half of his billion-dollar capital was left. Small consolation, that half is still worth $11.3 billion.

In this overview you can see the complete list of famous losing crypto billionaires.

In addition, we see that the crypto crisis is also inflicting deep wounds on small business or recreational investors. Both internationally and in the Netherlands, the first reports of suicide due to the crypto crash are surfacing.

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Source: Yahoo Finance