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Crypto lunch: price Bitcoin and crypto rises, Ethereum in controversy and humor

Also at this luncheon, we look at the live Bitcoin price and the prices of the top 25 crypto. The prices are recovering. Question is whether we have reached a bottom. In addition, Ethereum is in controversy and we conclude with crypto humor.

We begin, of course, with the live Bitcoin price and the prices of the top 25 crypto.

Live Bitcoin price and prices top 25 crypto are rising fast

At the time of writing, the live Bitcoin price is quoting EUR 32,091.96 ($36,235.58). This is 7.82% higher than yesterday at lunchtime, but still lower than last Friday.

The prices of the top 25 crypto also seem to be recovering after the cryptocurrency crash of the past few days. It takes some getting used to, but apart from a few stable coins we only see green, sometimes double, figures. The fastest riser is Fantom (FTM), which is up 19.47%. However, this is not the only crypto coin with a daily result in double digits. You can see this for yourself if you check all live crypto prices on the site.

Are we seeing the bottom in crypto?

The rapid price increases are naturally creating optimism in the crypto market, especially after the cryptocurrency crash of the past few days. The question of course is whether this is ‘just’ a good day or a reversal to a new bullish price pattern.

As expected, the beginning of the answer to that question lies with the largest crypto currency, Bitcoin. We analyzed yesterday whether there is a bottom in the BTC price. If we look at the Altcoins it is noticeable that the other crypto in top 25 under normal circumstances react differently per niche to the price of Bitcoin. For example, before the cryptocurrency crisis we saw that especially the metaverse coins performed better. However, during the cryptocurrency crash we saw that they too did not escape sharp corrections.

Although the long-term outlook also remains bullish for the other crypto from the top 25, we expect prices to move in correlation with Bitcoin in the short term. Wednesday and Friday will thus be important days to determine whether we have truly put this cryptocurrency behind us.

Ethereum (ETH) in disrepute

During a cryptocurrency crisis, notable things always happen. So too this time. In addition to the unusual aspects of the Bitcoin analysis, analysts noticed that something remarkable was happening at the organization behind Ethereum (ETH).

Crypto analyst Edward Morra noted that the ETH foundation made a hefty sale exactly at the peak of its price.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

Friendly reminder that ETH foundation cashed out at the top (again). ETH down 40+% since then

– Edward Morra (@edwardmorra_btc) January 21, 2022

In addition, it was noticed that the gas price (transaction fees) which are normally high, for this crypto transaction was only $20. Morra also noted that this is not the first time this has happened.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

Casual 20k ETH cashout by EthDev, sent to Kraken:
They cashed out 35k ETH on 17th of May this year, marked on the chart πŸ‘‡

– Edward Morra (@edwardmorra_btc) November 11, 2021

While the Ethereum foundation is shrouded in silence, in the community the great speculation has begun, as you can read in the comments. For now, however, confidence in the currency does not seem to have been damaged. The live Ethereum (ETH) price is currently quoting $2,433.48 and that is up 10.14% from yesterday.

Humor: laughing at the cryptocurrency crash

Despite the fact that there was a bitter pill for many investors to swallow during the cryptocurrency crash, there was also something to laugh about. This stemmed from the fact that many crypto insiders sighed when prices fell sharply that if the losses didn’t stop, they would have to go work at McDonalds. This produced some nice memes.

For example, Dutch analyst PlanB spotted a striking price pattern:

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

Next level candle painting

– PlanB (@100trillionUSD) January 24, 2022

The president of El Salvador, which was the first country to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender has even made a career change by the looks of it.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.


– Nayib Bukele πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡» (@nayibbukele) January 22, 2022

This free publicity was, of course, great for McDonald’s and they cleverly capitalized on the memes. The response under their tweet was filled with comments and other memes. So there was still plenty to laugh about despite the price drops.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

how are you doing people who run crypto twitter accounts

– McDonald’s (@McDonalds) January 24, 2022

Of course, we will continue to follow all developments.

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