Activision takeover gives gamers hope for comeback Xbox 360 gem

Activision takeover gives gamers hope for comeback Xbox 360 gem

Many an Xbox fan is on the edge of their seat waiting for a comeback of a true Xbox 360 gem. If Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision is finalized, this wish might just come true.

With Microsoft appearing to be closer and closer to acquiring Activision (the tech giant recently won a lawsuit from the FTC), it’s possible that gamers will be able to play the 2009 Xbox 360 game Wolfenstein in the future.

Comeback of older Xbox 360 games?

New Call of Duty games won’t come to Xbox Game Pass until 2025 at the earliest from day one of release, but Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision also opens the doors for older Activision games on the platform. For example, Wolfenstein (2009) may just make its appearance.

Wolfenstein was developed by Raven Software (part of Activision) and published by Activision and id Software (part of ZeniMax, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2020).

With Microsoft soon having Activision under its roof (and also already having ZeniMax), it would be strange if the tech giant could not make Wolfenstein technically playable for the newer generation of Xbox consoles.

Is not written in stone

While it is probably technically possible, it is not yet certain that Microsoft will do so. After all, it has been a while since the company added backwards compatible games for the Xbox Series X and S.

Wolfenstein (Image: Activision)

Moreover, the game received mixed reviews at the time of release. In addition, the game has been overshadowed by developer MachineGames’ various the Wolfenstein titles. It may be that there is simply not enough demand for the comeback of the 2009 rendition.

Still, the game is a welcome addition to the range of games playable on the Xbox Series X and S. After all, a wider range of games, we can only welcome. After all, Wolfenstein is now only available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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