Best Nintendo Switch games you can play as an adult

Best Nintendo Switch games you can play as an adult

There are countless games available for the Nintendo Switch. Many of them are for all ages, but which titles are really worth playing as adults?

Nintendo Switch is known for its huge library full of games that offer fun for all ages. If you are over eighteen, this can sometimes be a bit boring. That’s why we searched for you to find the most fun options for adults.

The Nintendo Switch is a huge success. Not surprisingly, a successor is on the way. Fans can’t wait for it, despite some disturbing rumors. Until then, we are still enjoying the familiar console.

Nintendo Switch: 5 games you can only play if you’re an adult

We have made a list of only the very best games for adults. So if you’re looking for more challenge or excitement then you’ve come to the right place.

#1 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

13 Sentinels is a tremendously cool game that is not afraid to combine different elements and genres. Think science fiction, military strategy and anime. That said, the Nintendo Switch game is really for adults. It features naked teenagers and people in very tight-fitting suits. So it really has to be your thing.

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#2 Blasphemous

Few games on the Nintendo Switch deserve the description “mature” as much as Blasphemous. The action game is set in a medieval world plagued by demons and warriors.

As the “Penitent One,” the last survivor of a knight’s order, the player goes to war. The game is full of symbolism and dark undertones. If you are looking for something that will test your skills and concentration, Blasphemous is a great option.

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#3 Citizen Sleeper

Citizen Sleeper is one of the very best games you can play on the Nintendo Switch. You play as a robot who must try to survive by taking a special serum. Within the game you can try to find work, make friends and maybe even find freedom.

The game is a kind of role-playing game where your success is determined by dice. But beware: if you run low on medication, you get fewer dice, which means you can do less. Making smart and strategic choices is the key to success.

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#4 Dead Cells for Nintendo Switch

Dead Cells combines hard, brutal combat with roguelike gameplay. Every time you fail, you get back up from your cell and start over. Eventually you learn from your mistakes and do better and better.

It is a difficult game to put down. In fact, some levels are almost impossible to pass. So if you’re up for a hefty challenge full of dangerous enemies, Dead Cells is an absolute must-have.

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#5 Dredge

Imagine you are a fisherman. You arrive on an island, ready for your first day of work. You catch fish to make money, but along the way the most terrible and violent things can happen. This is exactly what happens in Dredge.

The game combines the satisfaction of filling a Pokédex with excitement and thrills of unexpected horrors. There is a beautiful open ocean to sail around, along with small bays and outdoor areas to visit. It’s the perfect Nintendo Switch game to unwind, wrapped up in a terrifying package. That, then, makes the game more suitable for adults.

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