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These indispensable tips will make you even better in Helldivers 2

The new hit game Helldivers 2 is already an insanely awesome game, but these tips will only make the game even better.

Helldivers 2 features many intricate and elaborate game mechanics that allow you to play the game in super unique ways. This will make you even better at the game than you already were.

Some ways of playing and features are simply something you have to learn during the missions. But there are also some tactics where you really have to think so extremely out-of-the-box. We have now listed some of the boldest and most original play styles and features from Helldivers 2 for you.

Combine Helldivers 2 with Assassin’s Creed

You might not expect it with the game, but Helldivers 2 plays super well as an assassin. There are plenty of weapons in the game that allow you to kill your enemies in unobtrusive ways.

If you are a fan of exterminating enemies in a strategic way, then this strategy might be for you. By paying close attention to your enemies and making sure you yourself are not seen, you can kill an entire group of enemies without anyone noticing. Still something different than running and shooting at them.

Faster reloading is possible

Nothing is worse than having to reload your weapon in the middle of a firefight. You are then temporarily completely defenseless while enemies rush at you. Reloading cannot be stopped, but you can make it happen faster. In this way you throw yourself back into the fray faster and (hopefully) stay alive.

Upgrading weapons affects your reload speed, but that’s not the only thing. If you make sure there’s at least one bullet left in your magazine when you reload it, you can make sure it goes a lot faster than if your magazine is completely empty. This technique can take some getting used to, but it’s certainly useful when you get the hang of it.

Share your stockpile packs

In Helldivers 2 you have a B-1 supply pack, it contains extra bullets so you always have backup ammunition. The pack is worn like a backpack and has a total of four extra bullet packs. But in team view, the pack is even better.

You can also share your bullet packs with your teammates. By sharing them with teammates who need them more at that moment, you make sure your whole team is always ready to fight. And, of course, you score points with your friends that way.

These indispensable tips will make you even better in Helldivers 2 (Image: Steam)

Terrain and climate equipment in Helldivers 2

An interesting addition to Helldivers 2 is the fact that terrain and climate affects your equipment and armor. Consequently, different types of equipment react differently to different terrains and climates.

So to ensure that you are optimally prepared for combat, it is important to know the connections between these terrains, climates and equipment. This way, you will always have good mobility and fire rate and your character will not get overheated as quickly.

Ignore mission timers

In Helldivers 2, missions often have a timer that makes you want to stay focused on your goal and pass your mission as quickly as possible. But you don’t necessarily have to beat the timer to pass the mission. Even after the clock reaches zero, you can just finish your mission.

The only difference you will notice after the timer runs out is that you won’t get Stratagems when you pass the mission in question. This is because the Super Destroyers leave when the timer runs out. However, completing the mission after the timer runs out does make the mission a bit more dangerous.


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Stims can be used preventively

Stims are the best and most important way to regain health in Helldivers 2. When you have taken damage, you can use a stim to heal it. But this is not the only way you can use the cure effectively.

After using a stim, you continue to regain health temporarily. So you can also use a stim while you haven’t taken any damage yet. If you get hit by a bullet, for example, you will immediately start healing. This is a great way to stay in the fight.

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