Electric bike under 1000 euros the best options in 2024

Electric bike under 1,000 euros: the best options in 2024

Electric bikes are more popular than ever, but sometimes people are still shocked by the high prices. Good news: there are plenty of budget options that are tremendously good.

Most people think e-bikes are pricey. And sometimes they’re right about that. After all, some high-tech models can cost quite a bit. But other electric bikes really are a lot less pricey.

Some are even super affordable and can be really good buys. If you’re totally lucky, you can score one for less than a thousand euros. We’ll give you some delicious examples of that.

These electric bikes cost no more than a thousand euros

We show you what an electric bike can do for a price of less than a thousand euros. Hopefully it will help you a little in your search for a suitable option. Please note that most examples are not (yet) available in the Netherlands. We’ll have to be patient for that for a while.

#1 Engwe L20 2.0 – 736 euros

This electric bike delivers superb performance for less than 800 euros. With a folding frame, powerful motor and a range of 48 kilometers, it is an attractive option for urban cyclists. Although the e-bike’s pedaling is occasionally a bit heavy and the brakes are not always ideal, it is a great mode of transportation for around town.

Engwe L20 2.0The L20 2.0 (Image: Engwe)

#2 Lectric XP 3.0 – €919

The Lectric XP 3.0 is the latest version of the popular e-bike from Lectric, which is known for its quality and affordability. This new version has a more powerful motor, a range of 72 kilometers and puncture-resistant tires for a smooth ride. The convenient thing about this electric bike is that you can fold it. This way, you can take it anywhere.

Lectric XP 3.0The XP 3.0 (Image: Lectric Bikes)

#3 Ride1Up Roadster V2 – €732

This is an ideal option for riders who have never ridden an e-bike before. Thanks to a simple design and a lightweight aluminum frame, the electric bike rides very smoothly on the road. You do sacrifice range with this e-bike, with a maximum range of 37 kilometers. Still, the bike remains a good option for short rides.

Ride1Up Roadster V2The Roadster V2 (Image: Electrek)

#4 JackRabbit electric bike – 919 euros

The JackRabbit is more like an e-scooter than an electric bike, since you don’t have to pedal at all. In fact, the vehicle has no pedals at all. The vehicle is tremendously light, only 11 kilograms.

And because you can easily fold it up and carry it with you, the bike is ideal for students and short trips. Don’t expect too much from the electric bike, as you only have a range of 16 kilometers.

JackRabbit electric bikeJackRabbit (Image: JackRabbit eBike)

#5 Aventon Soltera.2 – €919

If you see this vehicle driving by, you probably won’t easily notice that it’s an e-bike. That’s because the e-bike has a traditional design and the electric motor is hidden in the frame. The e-bike has a range comparable to more expensive electric bicycles. You can ride 74 kilometers on a single charge.

Aventon Soltera.2The Soltera.2 (Image: Electrek)

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